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Lowrance LCX-16CI and Accessories






- 6.38" (16.37cm) diagonal 256-Color Illuminated (CI) full VGA liquid crystal Thin Film Transistor (TFT) display; superior viewing in direct sunlight.
- High-resolution 640 x 480 pixels; 307,200 pixels total (15,170 per inch2 / 2,351per cm2).
- User-adjustable color palette; programmable to angler’s preference for target-bottom-structure identification.
- Enhanced cold cathode screen backlighting; super-sharp viewing in direct sunlight, at night or in low light.
- 3-level-brightness keypad lighting.
- Full sonar, split zoom, split frequency, split data-sonar, split sonar-GPS and custom screen display selections.


- Built-in dual-frequency selectivity: 200 kHz, 50 kHz, or both simultaneously (per transducer used).
- Effective depth range with bottom tracking: 0.5 – 3,000 feet (15 cm – 915 m) and beyond.1
- Selected transducers...frequency / cone angle / power :

Dual-frequency 200/50 kHz transom-mount Skimmer®
200 kHz / 12° cone / 500 watts RMS (4,000 p-t-p)
50 kHz / 37° cone / 1,000 watts RMS (8,000 p-t-p)

200 kHz transom-mount Skimmer®
21° cone / 375 watts RMS (3,000 p-t-p)

Thru-hull dual-frequency 200/50 kHz bronze housing
200 kHz / 12° cone / 500 watts RMS (4,000 p-t-p)
50 kHz / 37° cone / 1,000 watts RMS (8,000 p-t-p)


- Optional GPS Mapping Accessories Pack activates chartplotting/mapping features. Includes LGC-12S 12-parallel channel GPS receiver/antenna, MapCreate™ CD-ROM custom mapping software2, reusable digital 8MB Multi-Media Card (MMC), and MMC card reader/interface cable.
- Exclusive, custom, erasable Lowrance background mapping software (pre-loaded on 8MB MMC above) displays enhanced water/land/highway map detail, southern Canada to northern Mexico, Hawaii, Bahamas. Greatest detail on U.S. coastal waterways, lakes, rivers.
- MapCreate™ CD-ROM for customized maps to exacting proportions. Unique "cookie cutter" map chooser feature allows user to create only the specific, detailed map areas needed and save memory space when loading to an MMC card for display on the LCX-16CI. MapCreate™ details more than 60,000 critical navigation aids and 10,000 wrecks and obstructions in U.S. coastal and Great Lakes waters.
- Mega-memory storage: 1,000 waypoints / 1,000 event markers / 100 routes, up to 100 waypoints for each route.
- 10 savable plot trails, up to 10,000 points per trail.
- 42 different graphic icons to mark favorite spots.
- Map zoom, 34 display ranges from 0.1 — 4,000 miles, with one-touch zoom-in/-out control.
- One-touch Man Overboard function precisely marks MOB location with special icon; displays distance, bearing, track, speed, estimated time en-route readouts.

Digital Recording/Playback/Map Loading

- Waterproof drawer accepts up to two digital Multi-Media Cards3 (MMC) up to 64MB each to record/save/playback sonar graphs and GPS trip details on LCX-16CI unit, and to download recordings to personal computer for viewing and archiving.
- Load MapCreate™ CD-ROM maps from personal computer to MMC card for display on LCX-16CI.
- Compatible with optional Navionics® software.

For Your Protection

- Internal flash memory keeps sonar settings and stored GPS data safe and accessible for up to 100 years.
- High-impact cover protects screen and keypad when not in use.
- Sealed and waterproof for even the harshest saltwater environments.
- Full one-year warranty.

All units ship with the following:

Users Guide
Unit Face Cover
Power/Data Cable
Mounting Bracket

MSRP: $2549.00
Part # Model Price Buy
96-93LCX-16CI GPS/FishFinder 50/200 KhZ 8000 watts peak-to-peak power at 50kHz, 4000 watts peak-to-peak power at 200kHz, LGC-12S 12 parallel channel GPS module, MMC card, MMc card reader/programmer and MapCreate CD-Rom.  
96-95LCX-16CI FishFinder 50/200 KhZ 8000 watts peak-to-peak power at 50kHz, 4000 watts peak-to-peak power at 200kHz. 

99-54 Speed and Temp Transducer $69.00
106-27 In-Hull Transducer 200 kHz $79.00
106-22 Transom 200 kHz with temp. $99.00
106-23 Transom mount, dual frequency 50/200 $120.00
Part #Accessory Description Our Price Purchase
ca914xl3mmcg NORTH BC BARANOF ISLAND - MMC - GOLD $179.00

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