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Garmin Mobile™ for BlackBerry® with GPS 10x

Turn your BlackBerry® device into a GPS navigator with Garmin Mobile for BlackBerry and the GPS 10x Bluetooth® wireless receiver a GPS and Bluetooth® wireless package that combines server-based navigation and a GPS receiver.

Subscribe and Navigate
Our navigation solution makes it easy to get directions with your BlackBerry device. Conveniently purchase a Garmin Mobile subscription through our Garmin Mobile Buyer's Guide. Then activate and install Garmin Mobile software on your BlackBerry device. Finally synchronize your BlackBerry device with the portable Garmin Mobile 10x receiver and start navigating.

Navigate with Ease
Get detailed directions, maps and points of interest (POIs) with your Garmin Mobile subscription. Easily look up addresses and services and receive voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions that speak street names. With moving maps, an intuitive user interface and off route recalculation, you'll never ask for directions again.

Take It With You
The included GPS 10x receiver combines a high-sensitivity GPS receiver with Bluetooth technology in a sleek design. Both portable and wearable, you can mount the GPS 10x in your car or clip it to your clothes for navigation by car or foot. This compact, lightweight receiver features a long battery life (up to 22 hours of use) and is perfect for mobile executives and professionals.

Enjoy Dynamic Content
With Garmin Mobile for BlackBerry, you'll have access to free wireless data services. This dynamic content allows you to route around traffic tie-ups, view the local weather and find the least expensive gasoline prices.