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iPro Gen III Power Meter

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Stem Low Angle

Objective Feedback
Perceived exertion can be deceptive and your heart rate can drift up and down depending on many factors unrelated to your ride, but watts don't lie. The iPro objectively reports your effort every minute of every ride and only the iPro tells you exactly where your power is going: how much power you used to climb hills, fight the wind and more. So you can design workouts that give you the power to win.


Personalized Ride Analysis
iPro not only measures your performance during your ride but provides you with all of the data you need to develop an efficient training program and measure your progress. The proprietary PC and Mac compatible iBike2 ride analysis software enables you to download and analyze your data. And with easy-to-understand graphs you can see your progress over time. Want even more sophisticated ride analysis?  The iPro is CyclingPeaksTM WKO+ compatible!

Jump Start Your Program
The iPro GEN III includes an exclusive built-in Cycling Fitness Assessment that allows you to test and re-test your cycling fitness so you can monitor your progress. This simple assessment, developed by professional cyclists and coaches not only grades your fitness level from 1 to 10 but also gives you the feedback you need to improve. Based on your fitness score and your personal fitness objectives (fat-burning, cardio, or strength), the iPro offers exclusive goal-specific workouts customized to your fitness level. 


Built-In Interval Training
Want to realize the amazing improvements available to you through interval training? The iPro includes pre-programmed interval workouts that are customized according to the results of your iPro fitness test. Simply perform the fitness test, then select the workout type that meets your fitness objective.  The iPro will provide the wattage targets, interval lengths, and number of intervals appropriate for your fitness level and workout objective. Use the iBike3 ride analysis software to track your progress. You'll meet your goals or burst through your plateaus in no time!


Motivation to Succeed
With immediate feedback on your power output, calories burned, speed and distance you'll know in real-time whether you're meeting your training goals or need to adjust. Immediate feedback triggers immediate action, and nothing is more motivating than seeing immediate results.


Accurate and Consistent Data
Employing innovative sensor technologies that were developed for the aerospace and automotive industries, the iPro delivers accuracy comparable to the highest-priced power meters.   view the data


Bike-to-Bike Portability
The iPro uses no special wheels, hubs or cranks, making it easy to transfer to any bike or trainer.  And its best-in-class weight of only 62 grams makes it the lightest power meter available today.